Can I tell you a story? A podcast

This podcast is about the intersection of art, life, and Jesus. 

There's just not enough out there about the mashing of the three topics, it is time to explore and build something new. 

Can I tell you a story? The Podcast
Season One will be 10 episodes, one episode a week. Each episode will run approx 45 minutes. 

The episode topics are currently being drafted and imagined. Here is the current brainstormed set to give you a feel for what it would be like (*titles and topics are subject to change):

Ep 1: God speaks to me through The 1975
Ep 2: What if I'm a feminist?
Ep 3: Boys and Makeup, Masculinity Questioned
Ep 4: Christian Art Sucks
Ep 5: Would Jesus be Republican?
Ep 6: Skip Dating, Marry me Now
Ep 7: Reading the Bible is like Final Fantasy XV
Ep 8: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
Ep 9: What to do when you're tripping on weed
Ep 10: Deathbeds and Demon Stories

Episode 01 drops Spring of 2018.